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The Anchoress has some great pictures from Rome.

I can has cheezburger wishes us Happy Mother’s Day with an adorable picture:

Happy Mothers' Day

Jim Geraghty on tonight’s debate and its timing.

Professor Jacobson tells us about Nuns’ ballots being thrown out in the Wisconsin Supreme Court recount.

Walter Olson brings us a story about replacing little used ADA sidewalk ramps with new ones that will be as little used as the old ones are, all at taxpayer cost.

Five Years Smoke Free

I’ve been smoke free for five years now. I used the laser acupuncture method and it worked. I can be around smokers and cigarettes and not have problems.

Here’s my post from five years ago:

Smoke Free?

I hope so. I went today to have a cold laser treatment for stopping smoking. I haven’t had a cigarette since about 1:45 this afternoon, just before my 2:00 appointment. It is now 8:00 pm, so I’ve gone over 6 hours and I’m doing okay so far.

The treatment was cold laser accupuncture/pressure at various points in both my ears, 3 points on my head, both sides of my nose, several spots on my hands and on my knees.

The stimulations are supposed to jump start the organs so they will start to detoxify. I need to drink a lot of water, which will be good for me and should help the oral fixation part of stopping smoking…

I am still craving cigarettes, but not as often as yesterday (when I was actually following through on the desire to smoke) and the craving seems to be going away rather quickly when the craving is not met.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Out Like A Lamb Too

Amazingly enough March came in like a lamb here in the greater Chicago-Milwaukee metroplex and it’s going out like a lamb too.

It’s a little warmer today than it was on March 1st, 50°F vs 45°F but the same sunny skies. There’s a little more green around, the trees are starting to bud, and I saw some Robins earlier this week.

Inside the MAM

Inside the Milwaukee Art Museum yesterday:

There weren’t a lot of people there on a Tuesday so we were able to get photos without other people in them, except this one. The Little Guy got himself in this one.